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Online casino gaming is fun to consider from Arab nations, but finding the best sports betting site is a different analysis. Find the best betting sites for your country below:

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Notable points of interest for Arab players

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The best casino sites in 2023 for online & live blackjack, roulette & slots for players of Arab nations & the Middle East.




Betway Casino Review

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bet365 Casino Review

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Casino, Live Casino, Poker Room, Sportsbook, Bingo & more. Perhaps the best gaming platform in the world.

Unibet Casino Review

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Casino, Live Casino, Poker Room, Sportsbook, Bingo & more. Bonus. One of the best & broadest gaming platforms.

New customer casino site bonuses that are available to residents of Arab countries:

As an incentive to sign up and become a customer, many casino sites offer bonuses.  The value of these bonuses can vary greatly from around $100 up to around $1,000.  It is key to understand that these bonus offers are NOT free money.  The bonuses come with terms and conditions which outline things like how much you will need to deposit to be eligible for your bonus.  The terms will also outline how much you will need to play with or ‘turnover’ your deposit on the relevant table games or online slots in order to receive the value of the bonus towards play and how any potential winnings from playing with these bonus funds may be withdrawn.  In the end, remember that these casino offers are not free cash for you to withdraw immediately.  They are incentives to add value to your experience and to potentially reward your continued play on the relevant games.  See the latest offers listed at right and below.       

Playing mobile casino games in the Arab world: Are there iOS or Android apps available?

Mobile casino access can be a contentious issue within the Arab world.  If you are going to bet from a mobile device, do be careful in understanding your surroundings.  Use your device discreetly as you never know who might be looking over your shoulder and what their views on gambling could be.

Beyond the issue of discretion, casino gambling from your mobile phone in Arab nations will need to take place through the mobile websites as offered by each of our listed betting companies - they all offer them.  Apple and Android apps with regard to online casinos are only officially available to customers in a very limited few countries and will not be available in your country in the Middle East.

Rest assured that the mobile casino experience that is available via your mobile web browser is extremely good.  You will have access to essentially the full complement of available games compared with the desktop version or the apps.  Furthermore, the super fast LTE networks (4G) of Etisalat, STC, Ooreedoo and others that have been built across Arab countries supply very quick responses, which is important when if you play any of the live casino games with a real-life dealer or croupier.

The one aspect of your mobile gaming experience that may be limited is with regard to the kinds of payments that you may initiate.  Depending on your provider, you may be able to deposit via your mobile, but withdrawals are often only available by managing your account wallet from a normal desktop or laptop interface.

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Casino sites with Arabic language site versions:

Clearly you have found this site by researching the topic in English.  So it is obvious that you are at least somewhat comfortable operating online in English.  However, if you would prefer to play at an online casino that offers its website in Arabic, there is one option for you today:  Spin Casino (see their reviews).  If you click to visit Spin Casino, you will be greeted in Arabic and find $1,000 welcome offer.  All our listed casino sites operate in English.  Thus, if you are comfortable in English, there are several superior sites for you as found in our list above.  If you prefer French, Betway and Unibet offer their casino games in French.

What payment methods can you use with online casinos from Arabic-speaking nations?

Online casino casino banking methods or payment methods are an important issue to consider.  After all, you cannot play in a real-money casino site if you cannot deposit your funds. Given this, we will outline the most popular banking methods for use from Arab nations, including credit cards cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and Bitcoin.

Can you use credit cards and debit cards at casinos sites from Arab countries?

Yes. Note that Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are essentially available to be used at all online casinos by customers in all Arab nations.  However, you might wish to make payments by using an intermediary method like and e-wallet or prepaid solution.  This would allow your payments to the casino site to be made in a more anonymous manner compared to those that would be recorded directly with your local financial service providers like credit or debit cards based at your local bank.

Can you use e-wallets at Arab casino sites from the Middle East?

With an e-wallet provider, you register an account, set a base currency and then fund the e-wallet via a credit card or bank account.  Your locally-based transactions will be with the offshore e-wallet company, not the online casino.  E-wallets are used for all kinds of online transactions, not just gambling.  To avoid extra currency exchange fees, look to set your casino account currency to the same currency as your e-wallet.  The most compatible currency with e-wallet providers from Arab nations tends to be the US dollar, though Euros and British Pounds are also often available as a base currency.  

The most widely accepted e-wallet providers at casino sites are Neteller and Skrill.  These are accepted by essentially all our listed gambling companies and are available to use from nearly all Middle East nations.  The exception is the UAE.  You cannot register and use Skrill or Neteller from the UAE.  This brings us to other popular e-wallets for casino sites: EcoPayz is accepted by almost all of our listed sites and is available to use from all Arab nations.  MuchBetter is an e-wallet app that you may download to your tablet or phone.  It is growing in acceptance at casino sites and is available from most countries.  Note that PayPal is not available for use with online casinos from most nations, including Arab ones.

What prepaid solutions are available to use at casino sites from Arabic nations?

Paysafecard is the most popular prepaid solution for us with online gambling providers and it is available for purchase at many local retail locations in in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.  When you purchase the paysafecard, it is essentially like using cash online.  When you deposit the funds into your online casino account, they are completely anonymous, not connected to any bank account or credit card based in your home country, which is something you may find to be appealing.  Paysafecards are for deposits or payments only.  Withdrawals from your casino account would need to be made via another method.  Once you are at the casino site, simply go to the cashier page and enter the code number on your card.  The funds will then deposit into your account.  To find where paysafecard is available for purchase, you may visit their website versions in English or Arabic. Here are helpful links so you can find out more: paysafecard Saudi Arabia, paysafecard Kuwait and paysafecard UAE.  

Can you use Bitcoin to make online casino payments from  Middle East nations?

Yes.  Through some payment methods, you may fund the given account via BTC.

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Which Arab online casinos offer accounts in local currencies?       

Of course it makes sense that you might want to establish a casino account in your local currency in order to remove the complication and cost of currency exchange.  Fortunately, both and Betway offer a selection of accounts in Arab currencies including the Saudi Arabia Riyal, the UAE Dirham, the Kuwaiti Dinar, the Qatari Riyal, the Bahraini Dinar, the Omani Rial, the Egyptian Pound, the Moroccan Dinar among others.   (Read the respective casino reviews to see which company offers which account currencies).

Gambling Laws in Arab countries: Is it legal to play in online casinos in the Arab World?

You probably will not be surprised by the answer.  Unlike jurisdictions of the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark where online casino gaming is legal, the Arab world has not made this leap.  Even Canada’s most populous province, which has lagged behind its peers on gaming regulation has finally moved to allow for legal Ontario online casinos.  As most Arab nations are predominantly Islamic, gambling in all forms tends to be banned - technically illegal.  However, there are different degrees to which the various national governments look to police or control gambling.  You may read examples the gambling laws for your country of interest through the links shown at right.   In general, national governments within the Arab world do not like it when people try to gamble in public.  They will often look to arrest people that operate so-called ‘gambling dens’ where individuals establish rooms with card games, casino games or a sportsbook.  

For example, in 2013, a Vietnamese  man, was one of 35 arrested for running a gambling centre in Dubai.  Sentences were as high as 3 months in prison.  In 2017, several Chinese nationals were arrested for running a gambling den, also in Dubai.  The issue of police arrests for public gambling offences  is not confined to the United Arab Emirates.  In 2015, five Indian nationals were deported from Kuwait for gambling in public.  In 2018, 32 ex-patriots were arrested in Bahrain for gambling in an apartment unit after police received an anonymous tip.  As the news reports show, gambling in public in GCC countries is not tolerated, and the penalties can be relatively harsh.  These are just four of the high-profile cases of recent times.  Given such arrests, gambling online from GCC nations is on the rise - the risks of gambling in public have ensured less people in Middle East nations attend such operations.  

However, playing at an online casino from the privacy of your own home seems to be less of an issue within Arab countries, but why?  Many national governments in the region have yet to block access to casino sites, even though they have the ability to do so.  Many types of objectionable content have been blocked within Arab countries, but casino sites that offer games like blackjack, roulette, slots and other games are often seen as a less objectionable form of content.  While it may counter Islamic law, the reality is that so many people enjoy casino games.  Look at the popularity and perceived glamour of Las Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo.  The identity of these destinations is closely linked to their casinos and the gambling industry.  Casino sites allow respectable people to have fun at this perceived ‘vice’ in private, without being seen in public at these high-profile destinations abroad.  This can certainly be counted as a reason for why online gambling done discreetly is essentially being allowed without penalty in most Arab nations.  

Furthermore, while online gambling from the Arab world is certainly not an approved activity, the reality is that those at the top of various Arab nations enjoy sport and horse racing, from both business and personal perspectives.  From a business perspective,  Manchester City FC of the English Premier League, which is owned by  Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, is sponsored directly by online sports betting and casino company.  The Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani is the owner of Paris St. Germain of France’s Ligue 1, which is sponsored directly by online sports betting and casino company, Unibet, which is also one of our top-listed companies.  Furthermore, from a personal perspective, many Arab leaders have been known to wager on their own horses within big races, both at home and abroad.

Given these key facts about GCC leaders both profiting from corporate gambling partnerships and the personal enjoyment of the activity of gambling itself, one could argue that it could be seen as too much of a double standard to block online casinos and online sports betting companies within their nations’ borders, which is why most online gambling companies are free to access within several GCC countries, unlike other banned content.  With that stated, the situation with regard to online gambling in each particular Arab nation is different.  At right, find links to read about the online casino situation in your country of residence.  If you find that some of these sites are blocked, you may try a virtual private network like NordVPN or similar.

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10Bet Casino Review

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Special Arab casino bonus. Casino, Live Casino & Sportsbook. Arabic support available. Exclusive ‘The Ten Club’ VIP service.

About Our List: How to select a casino site as a player in an Arab nation?

The first point is a bit basic, but important, as it is a time saver - does the online casino actually serve players resident in nations of the Middle East?  Not all online casino providers serve all nations in a general sense.  Some only serve certain countries or regions like the UK or Europe.  If a site does not serve your country, you will waste your time if you visit them.  We save your time in this respect as the bulk of our top casino sites serve the majority of GCC countries and most other Arab nations.  However, we also specifically organize online casinos by each Arab nation, so you can check the situation for your country in particular.  

Beyond this jumping off point,  these next two points are those that shaped the creation of this site.  You need to play with trusted, reputable sites that will pay out freely on a win and provide excellent customer support.  These are the two most important two points to consider, and the reality is that when it comes to casino sites - bigger is better.  If you register with newer, smaller casino providers, you can leave yourself vulnerable in these two areas:

Poor customer service: There are way too many casino websites from which to choose, and most of these are relatively small companies with poor reputations, run from gaming jurisdictions that provide lax oversight.  Opening an online casino is relatively cheap, but if you create a great brand, it can be lucrative - so lots of people try it.  New companies simply buy the casino software license and hook it up to their web domain.  Thus, there are thousands of small brands that just want people to sign-up, deposit a few hundred dollars, play, lose, and never come back.  It is for this reason that many smaller brands have poor customer service.  They do not actually care about having good and loyal long-term players and thus they do not make the proper investments in customer service staff and infrastructure.  Only the big casino brands make this investment.  They want to have a relationship with you - not a quick fix to turn you over.  

Hard to withdraw winnings freely: Should a small online gambling company yield a big win for you the player, many small brands have developed policies that tightly restrict your ability to make sizeable withdrawals.  For example, perhaps only so much money is allowed to be withdrawn per week.  They set these withdrawal restriction rules in the hopes that winners might be tempted to return to the casino to play, and potentially lose in order to give back their winnings to the ‘house’.  If you win, you should have more freedom over how you withdraw your winnings.  Larger casino brands have the liquidity to allow better rules with regard to withdrawals compared to smaller illiquid companies.

So if bigger is better, which Arab online casino companies fit the bill?

The bottom line is that you want to play at online casinos that are part of big, highly reputable companies.  How can we identify these?  Like it or not, the biggest online gambling companies are those that are also the biggest in the world of sports betting.  Even if you personally don’t care about sports and only care about playing casino games, understand that it is far more difficult and costly to operate a successful sports betting brand than it is to operate an online casino.  There is simply far more involved in the setting of odds and dealing with bettors that place bets on thousands of unique events every week compared to the ease of operating a casino-only brand as outlined above (via casino software).  

If you watch sports, you may recognize some of the brands that we have in our list.  Betway, 10Bet, bet365 and Unibet have all sponsored various football clubs across the UK and Europe over the past 15 years.  Some of them also provide their services in highly regulated national jurisdictions like Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the USA and others in addition to their internationally focused gaming jurisdictions in Gibraltar, Malta and Curacao (which are where Arab nations fall as a jurisdiction).

Most of these top sports betting brands complement their sportsbook platform with the best casino gaming and live casino gaming platforms on the market today.  In some cases, these companies may also offer top online poker rooms, online bingo and other games.  In addition to the best casino platforms, they also have much friendlier withdrawal policies compared to the smaller companies that you should avoid.

Lastly, but perhaps most important, these are large, highly regulated companies that place a high value on serving you as a customer in an Arab nation and it is why we have identified them as the best casino sites for Arab customers.  You will get excellent customer service from these companies, some of which even employ special Arab-language customer care teams like those at and 10Bet.

In the end, remember this; online casino games and slots are much like a commodity.  Between online casinos, there will be very little difference in your experience in playing the actual games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette or other casino games.  The important difference that you will notice comes in your ability to withdraw your winnings freely and in the customer help that you get from a company that has the means to provide it.  Anyone can offer you an online casino game - there is simply more to your overall experience than playing the game.  Be sure that you play at a company that is properly regulated and will be there for you when you need it like those that we list.

Have a specific topic of interest in mind?  Find popular Arab casino & gambling topics above.  Click to scroll directly & explore.

Finding the best online and live blackjack for Arab players       

If blackjack is your game of choice, you might be interested in learning about the blackjack game variations that are available at these sites and where you might be able to access these variations.  If Blackjack is your favourite game, your widest array of choice comes with our top three online casinos Betway and 10Bet.  All eight of our casinos offer a solid choice of Blackjack gaming option, but these three have the widest array of Blackjack games.

Online and Live Blackjack game variations available at 10Bet       

10Bet has a tremendous set of Blackjack variations, possibly the widest array we have seen.  10Bet offers Classic Blackjack, Single-Deck Blackjack, as well as several variations of Multi-hand Blackjack and many different variations of Live Blackjack games, not simply Live dealer Classic Blackjack.  10Bet also offers:

European Blackjack: Uses two decks. You can only double down on hands with a value of 9, 10 or 11.  You can only split a hand once. You can only split like-valued 10 cards.

Double Exposure Blackjack: The dealer receives two cards face-up in part of the initial deal.

Online and Live Blackjack game variations available at Betway:

Betway has one of the widest array of Blackjack games available of any casino site.  Here is a selection of what they offer:

Classic Blackjack:  The most common version of online blackjack.  Uses 8 decks. Dealers must hit if they have 16 or less, or on a soft 17.  Blackjack is paid at odds of 3:2. You cannot ‘surrender’ cards at Classic Blackjack tables. But you can buy ‘insurance’ if you think the dealer is going to hit Blackjack.  

European Blackjack: Uses two decks. You can only double down on hands with a value of 9, 10 or 11.  You can only split a hand once. You can only split like-valued 10 cards.

Atlantic City Blackjack: Very similar to classic blackjack. Uses 8 decks.  You can split cards up to three times. The dealer must stand on both hard and soft 17. You can double down after splitting cards. If the dealer’s face up card is an ace or a card worth 10, they peek at their face down card to see if they have a blackjack 21. You have the option to surrender your hand.

Spanish Blackjack (aka Spanish 21): Uses six to eight decks with the number 10 cards removed. The dealer peeks, like in Atlantic City Blackjack. You have the option to surrender your hand. A player’s 21 always beats a dealer’s 21. The dealer hits on a soft 17. You can double down more than once.

Live Blackjack: Betway offers all the above popular variations plus many more for a total of 24 Real Dealer Blackjack gaming options including those that offer Multi-hand play.

Find the best online slots and games for Arab players       

All of our listed sites offer a wide array of online slots and other real-money games included those that feature fun or sexy brands.  Our top three listed casinos for Arab players, 10Bet and Betway offer the most attractive selections.

At 10Bet offers a unique group of slots and jackpot games including interesting names like Playboy Jackpot, Rambo, Mega Moolah, Ozzy Osbourne, Narcos, Jumanji, Conan and Monopoly Live.

At Betway you can find top slots games like Game of Thrones and Mega Moolah Jackpot games) among many others including Monopoly Live.

Finding the best online and live roulette for Arabic players       

The best options for online roulette for Arab players come at 10Bet and Betway .  All three have a tremendous number of options for both normal online roulette games that exist as a kind of simulation based with computer graphics, as well as a wealth of live roulette game variations that are run by real-life croupiers.  These real croupiers are usually attractive women that run your game on camera from studios in the online casino’s gaming jurisdiction.

Online and live roulette game variations available at 10Bet       

10Bet again has perhaps the widest array of games in a given category, in this case, roulette, where they offer 22 variations.  Within this array, you will have access to American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette.  Within each of these, there are slight difference with regard to the ‘house-edge’.   Beyond these classic variations, 10Bet also offers Double Ball, Speed Roulette and several others which are available to play live with  a real-life croupier.

Online and live roulette game variations available at Betway:

Roulette offerings at Betway are comprehensive, especially in the ‘Live & Real’ area, where you deal with a real person as your croupier.  There are 19 variations of Live Roulette at Betway, including American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette and Lightning Roulette.  You will also find games that are run by recurring female croupiers.  You will be able to see them by name in the button or tile that represents the game.  If you see a lady’s name on the button representing the game, that person is actually going to be running your game.  If you prefer to play regular online roulette games that are not run by  a real croupier, you have all three main variations available to play - American, European and French.  You will find these regular online games under the ‘Casino’ link at the top of the page.

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What is Know your Customer or KYC? - Confirming identity is for all, not just Arab players

Each and every reputable casino site around the world is mandated by their regulators to establish procedures that work to prevent money laundering.  These Anti-Money Laundering or ‘AML’ rules and procedures apply to all players, not only those that live in Arab nations.  What does it mean for you in a practical sense?  Before you will be able to withdraw funds from your casino account, whether the funds are from your deposits or your winnings, your casino company will ask that you upload scanned copies of government-issued ID and a document such as a utility bill that confirms your identity and place of residence.  

Your casino account information used to register your account must match the document information.  This account verification process often lasts  no more than a couple of days, but often one day or less with the big and reputable companies that we recommend.  If you just want to get started playing, you need not worry, as you can start playing immediately after your first deposit.  Only your withdrawals are contingent on the completion of your Know Your Customer account verification process.  It is best to show patience regarding these mandatory procedures.  Everyone has to wait for the approval of their documents.  To prevent having to wait on your KYC process during your first withdrawal, it is recommended that you upload of documents soon after you first register your account.  There is no need to wait to verify your account.  Get it done early to avoid a longer wait upon your first withdrawal.

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What is RTP or the Returned To Player percentage and how might these compare?

RTP is likely the most common metric that is used to indicate the fairness of a given slots or casino game, or even the fairness of the overall casino experience.  RTP can be explained simply as follows:  Of all the monies played on a given game or set of games over a long period of time (like a month), how much of those monies are repaid to players.  This number is thus expressed as a percentage.

The online casinos that we list are required by their regulators, be they in Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar or Kahnawake, to submit to technical testing and auditing of the fairness of their games as generated through the various Random Number Generation (RNG) processes that occur in each of these games.  Most of these online casino providers publish their recent monthly audit results for your review if you so choose.  They can often be found in the help area or in the footer area at the bottom of their site.  Often the link will have to do with ‘Fair Payouts’ or something similar.  Within these reports, the percentage figures are usually broken down by game groupings.  There will be one figure for table games, one for card games, one for slots games, one for video poker games etc.  Then there will also be an overall, average figure for all games.

For the above providers, the RTP figures tend to be no lower than 95%.  For individual game types and even some average overall figures, the monies returned to players can approach 98%.  It is important to note that RTP has no bearing on your particular session of play.  Your amount of play at any provider makes up an infinitesimal fraction of the overall amount of play.  RTP only helps to give you a perspective on the overall fairness picture of a given provider.

How do online casinos compare in their RTP with real-world bricks and mortar casinos like those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City?  By law, in the State of Nevada, the Nevada Gaming Commission mandates that the RTP of any slot machine may be no lower than 75%.  In other states, like New Jersey, home to Atlantic City, the minimum slots RTP is 83%.  Thus, when you compare this to the above numbers for online casino RTP numbers which are in the mid-to-high 90% range, it is clear that from an overall perspective, online casinos return a much larger proportion of monies played to their players compared to real-world casinos.  In other words, casino sites are more fair than casinos in Nevada, New Jersey and other jurisdictions.

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