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Online casino gaming is fun to consider from Arab nations, but finding the best sports betting site is a different analysis. Find the best betting sites for your country below:

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Qatar online casino play: Qatari gambling laws & the wider context

Even though gambling is not an activity that approved by the government of Qatar, access to online casinos is fairly easy.  As perhaps the most progressive nation in the region, the Communications Regulatory Authority for the nations of Qatar does not use its powers to block access to all online casino providers like some of the neighbouring Arab nations, that do block this content for their respective residents. Although, the Qatar government is not interested in building bricks and mortar casinos for the potential increase in tourism that it might provide, they are not interested in punishing ex-patriot residents or native Qataris for enjoying a relatively harmless vice.  This is the case since so many western nations have accepted online gambling and since the activity takes place online and generally in private.  

It should not be forgotten that horse racing is inextricably linked to betting and there is a strong history of horse racing in Qatar.  It could be seen as somewhat hypocritical to block online gambling when wagers on horses have been taking place for years and years.  Furthermore, Qatar is highly interested in investments in sport, such as with its hosting of the 2023 FIFA World Cup, and the investments in Paris St. Germain of France’s Ligue 1.  In owning PSG, Qatar is directly in business with a gambling company - our # 7 listed casino site, Unibet.  Unibet is also a top poker site and one of the top Qatar betting sites.  It could be seen as hypocritical if Qatar, through their investments were to have these marketing deals, profiting from gambling, only to take a restrictive stance on online gambling in their home marketplace.  This is why access to online casinos is relatively open in Qatar.  Even if you do find some sites to be blocked, no one is getting arrested for using a virtual private network to access these sites.  

Choosing the right a casino site from Qatar

If you recognize some of the above gaming brands, that’s great.  On our homepage, one of the important things that we did was to explain how we created our list and why bigger is better when choosing an online casino.  Unlike the many smaller gambling companies that look to focus solely on running their online casino software, most of these gaming companies run much larger operations which include sports betting in their platforms, which is much costlier to operate well and comes with a high level of oversight and regulation.  This should provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your casino operator is fair and trustworthy.  Even if you do not actually care about having the ability to bet on sports as part of your gaming experience, the reality is that you will benefit from the increased scale that gaming companies with this increased game diversity  can offer.  Their large scale also ensures that they have invested excellent casino experiences to complement their online sportsbook offerings.  

When it comes to selecting the right casino site from Qatar, once you know that you have a solid, reputable list of options like those above, it then comes down to your particular gaming preferences.  If you feel comfortable playing in English, you will have significantly greater choice of sites.  If you strongly prefer to play in Arabic, Spin Casino  offers a site version in Arabic, but they no longer offer sports betting on their platform.  If you recognize or are interested by some of the brands above, go back to the top and click or tap to read their reviews to learn more about them.  If you are particularly interested in playing a given casino game, we also breakdown the best of live and online blackjack, roulette and slots so you can easily compare and contrast the best options for these popular games.  

If you are particularly interested in the biggest bonuses, both Betway and Spin Casino offer significant casino bonus offers for new customers from Qatar.  All the other listed options also have new customer offers that you will see at right, or see once you click to visit them.  If you think that you will use your mobile phone to play casino games as you move around the country or abroad and want the best mobile casino experience, know that each of these casino sites has invested to develop fast and intuitive mobile sites that you will be able to access via your mobile web browser.

Qatari Riyal (QAR) casino site accounts

Most online casinos offer a relatively small collection of currency options to be used for your casino account.  These tend to be European and American currencies.  At most sites, you must select which of these you would like to use as you register your account.  When you look to make a deposit direct from a bank account or credit card, your riyals will be exchanged for an amount in the casino account currency.  For easier banking, you may wish to set USD as your account currency as it may be most compatible for you.  GBP and EUR may also work well for you depending your preferred banking methods.

When it comes to a much wider range of available currencies Betway offers the most, including Qatari riyal accounts.  This means that if you wish, you can avoid the hidden cost of exchanging your currency when funding your account.  With Skrill or your credit card, you will be able to transact directly in riyals to these companies.  

Given the above, you might be interested to see the current exchange rates for the Qatari Riyal versus the top online casino currencies here: QAR to USD and QAR to EUR.

Banking methods for online casino play from Qatar

Each casino site that serves Qatar supports different methods for payment.  Credit cards are available at all of these sites.  Given the progressive nature toward online casino play when done in private from Qatar, you need not need to worry about using your local payment method with these companies.  However, if you prefer to have more privacy, you can use an intermediate payment solution like an e-wallet, prepaid card or Bitcoin.

EcoPayz, MuchBetter, Skrill and Neteller are e-wallets that you may use with your online casino from Qatar.  You simply register, then link a credit card or bank account.  This way your payments and withdrawals are not done directly with the online casino.  The first three e-wallets can be accessed from your chosen web browser.  MuchBetter is a mobile app electronic wallet that you may download from the app store.   Paysafecard is a prepaid solution that essentially allows you to pay in cash online and can be used at casino sites.  These cards may not yet be available in Qatar, but are widely available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt.

Ideally you, should use the same currency for both your payment solution and your casino site account.  This will minimize the currency conversion fees associated with your play.

Find the best Qatar casino sites in 2023 for live blackjack, roulette, baccarat, slots and more.

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